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As protests and marches for racial equality spread across the country, the non-federal American holiday to free many slaves during the Civil War has received much more attention. Curry addressed the crowd and participants were encouraged to donate to organizations to show support.

Lisa explained that she had tried to get refinancing several times, but that despite the help and support of the Alabama SBDC, that goal had not been achieved. As she builds her business, Lisa is looking for a new venue for her events in Birmingham city centre. She sees it as a non-profit organisation that helps to reduce the high costs of events and increase the income from donations.

Opelika High School has one of the strictest AP classes in Alabama, with more than 1,000 students in its AP class. The increase in student achievement was driven by the AP program, which OHS launched in 2014. Individual needs of students have been met through accelerated courses, and students have earned qualification results in 45 AP exams.

Opelika schools employ highly qualified teachers trained in the latest teaching techniques, including Transforming Schools, the country's largest teacher training program for high school teachers. Auburn - According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Alabama's MSA ranks fourth in student achievement.

Opelika was ranked first in the South in a recent survey of trade publications that help businesses across the country and around the world. In early 2006, Alabama's Economic Development Corporation named Opelikas one of the top ten most attractive cities in Alabama for economic development. The population of the city of more than 2,000 grew slowly but steadily from the late 1970s to 2005. To cope with this rapid growth, Opelsika was founded in 2005 as a city with a population growth rate of around 1,500 inhabitants per year.

The city was in the middle of the Mississippi River Valley, where factories were built to provide water and electricity. Opelika, which had a population of over 2,000 in 2005, is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive cities for economic development and tourism in Alabama.

In 1848, the Montgomery and West Point Railroad Company expanded a railroad line from Montgomery, Alabama, to Opelika, and completed a link to West Point, Georgia, connecting it to Atlanta, Georgia. Soon after, in 1855, Montgomery - WestPoint was taken over by the Alabama and Georgia Railway Company, one of the first railroad companies in the United States.

US 280 leads to Dadeville and US 431 leads 37 miles to LaFayette, dividing the city north and south, and I-85 leads south to Opelika and then north to Mobile, Alabama.

The main commercial airports closest to Opelika are Birmingham - Bibb International Airport (BA) and Dadeville International (BIA), and there is also a small airport in the city of LaFayette, Georgia, and an international airport near downtown. The Columbus - Georgia metropolitan area includes the cities of Columbus, GA (MSA), Columbus County (MTSA) and Athens, Athens - Clarke and Columbus counties. Greater Columbus as a statistical area taken together, with a population of more than 1.5 million people in 2010.

One of the reasons why MSA Auburn - Opelika has been named the number one golf venue in the United States is its proximity to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and Auburn University. Another reason the area has received this ranking is that it is home to a number of high-profile golf courses, including the US Open and the Augusta National Golf Club on the PGA Tour.

In August 2005, the Auburn - Opelika Metropolitan Statistical Area was named the # 1 golf area in the United States by Golf Digest. In the summer of 2003, the Auburn Park Golf Club, a golf course in Auburn, Alabama, was named one of the ten best golf courses in America by the National Golf Foundation. Best - Performing Cities Index, which ranks Auburn and Operika as Alabama's number one and second cities in terms of quality of life and economic development.

The Aquatics Center Opelika SportsPlex has five regular football fields, including a football field for men's and women's football, volleyball, athletics, swimming and diving, and a swimming pool. The Alabama Recreation and Parks Association presented the Alabama Sportsplex of the Year Award for the best sports facility in Alabama in 2005. The Alabama High School Football National Championship, Alabama State University's first-ever national football game, will be held at the Sports Plex football field in the fall.

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More About Opelika