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To celebrate the 2015-16 college football season, Food Republic is launching a new series, SEC FoodBall. Every week we will introduce a city to the South East Conference and, more importantly, tell you what to eat, drink and eat if you are lucky enough to attend a game there. We will also ask the locals for advice to ensure you can take advantage of the home advantage.

Find the nearest Domino's Pizza restaurant in Opelika to get a picture of yourself and we'll give you instructions. You just have to be prepared to eat with a glass of wine, a cup of coffee and a good beer or wine.

Upon arrival, a friendly team member will put your order in your car or take it to you and follow you to your front door. Next time you fancy an oven-baked pizza that deserves a little drooling, order it at Domino's Pizza in Opelika. If it is delivered from anywhere else while you are on the road, you can track the order on their website.

Domino's TrackerA (r) will notify you as soon as your pasta, pizza or sandwich leaves the restaurant. You can start earning points for a free pizza if you order a pizza with a minimum order of three (3) or more (4) slices.

This bad boy, who is secretly the biggest softie on the menu, is hand-breaded on the outside and tender on the inside. It is topped with zax sauce (r) and put into a toasted bun, and it is tender on the outside with a crispy, chewy interior.

One of the classic chicken finger (tm), hidden in a toasted bun and topped with zax sauce (r), is served with a Kidz drink and is delicious.

Kale and red cabbage mixed, topped with grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, fried onions, tomatoes, Roma tomatoes and a spicy zax sauce (r). Kale, carrots, garlic, onions, tomatoes and garlic sauce as well as fried onions (tm) on a toast.

Dough - fried mushroom pieces, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers and ranch dip sauce if your taste buds needed a wake-up call.

Delicate and tasty boneless wings are sprinkled with garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers and ranch dip sauce before being served with celery ranch sauce. Stop your appetite for snacks by tucking into one of our classic chicken fingers (r) on a toasted bun and finishing it off with Zax Sauce (rs). Try our favourite with grilled chicken or serve with Roma tomatoes and cucumbers of your choice.

If you really want to eat local dishes, order a sandwich stuffed with roast beef, ham or turkey slaughtered in ranch dressing. Choose from a variety of toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes or cucumbers.

When you're done eating, round off your visit with a visit to a nearby market selling locally made products. Responsibly sourced meat comes in the form of sausages such as beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, goat, sheep, goat, pork, chicken, turkey and goat.

When you go for a Hawaiian pizza from Honolulu, you'll taste all the differences of the Domino's, but you can stick to the familiar flavors of authentic marinara. Take a bite, smother it in the sauce of your choice, throw it in your hands, prepare the oven and bake in it.

The passion for Southern soul food is evident in this popular restaurant, and the fact that the current owner and operator is the third generation of the Story family to run the establishment is testament to the success of the establishment. Moe's Original BBQ is one of my favorite barbecue spots in Opelika and the only one in town.

The talented Auburn guy's lineage can be traced back to the kitchen, and he says he will pay homage to his old stomping ground. Rob McDaniel's SpringHouse Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Opelika and a favorite stop on my way home on the day of an Auburn game. I spoke to him about his restaurant and his love of Auburn football. Many fans love to head to this popular restaurant for the Auburn games, but it's also a favorite of many other Auburn fans.

The restaurant's menu is internationally diverse, from roast chicken and salted apple chops to darn respectable steak fries. But there's more than just milkshakes, with a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups and baked goods.

Acre specialises in fresh fruit and prides itself on using local, home-grown and organic ingredients, as well as fresh local meat and vegetables. Bancroft's cuisine focuses on locally produced produce and meat selected in collaboration with Auburn University's Meat Lab to promote farms that raise livestock responsibly. From making pizza to baking and delivering high-quality pizzas, he founded his own pizza shop in Birmingham, Alabama, with the goal of making high-quality pizza.

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