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Perhaps best known internationally as the home of the American football team, the Auburn Tigers, Auburn, Alabama, perhaps had a lot to discover. In addition to football, it is also a cultural and culinary hotspot and home to some of Alabama's most popular restaurants.

Created by Chef Leonardo Maurelli II, the dinner menu offers grilled starters, pasta starters and much more that will always impress guests. If you're craving seafood for an evening, there's a wide selection of starters, salads, sandwiches, soups and salads.

If you are looking for a place to grab a good meal with live music, Maestro 2300 is just right for you. The depot offers meat and poultry dishes, as well as live entertainment and special events with a bespoke menu filled with excellent food and a wide selection of drinks available for purchase.

Visit the legendary Toomer's Corner in Auburn and enjoy a delicious meal in picturesque downtown Opelika, with live music, live entertainment and great food and drinks.

This downtown Auburn cafe offers some really good desserts and coffee, and as an added bonus for football fans, the café is right next to Auburn University football stadium. Also in downtown Opelika there is a great restaurant and bar, the breeding dog cafe, which does amazing things with a simple beef stew. The acre where Chef Bancroft was head chef before he set off on his own with the acre.

The hickory smoked sausage is my favourite, but my wife likes it and thinks the pieces have too much stalk, which makes them excessively tough. The Pullpork is also delicious and is a thing of beauty, paired with the Texas Red Sauce and wrapped in a freshly prepared tortilla, the tortillas are sturdy enough to handle the pile of meat that is placed on top to maximize pork delivery to your face.

We also ran out of sausages, otherwise we would have ordered some, but we also had a delivery mess with the turkey and had to order another.

On our third trip, we visited a city known for its college football program and for its gourmet food, we had to save this restaurant for the last moment because it was one of the first places we went. The historic centre of Opelika has been revitalised and Little Italy offers fresh pizza, fresh bread and fresh pasta. A great place to serve first-class Italian cuisine, especially with the above-mentioned place.

Customers are brimming with good food, good service and a great view of the history and culture of Opelica.

I love a success story with a good food truck, so I had to mention the Butcher's Paper BBQ in Opelika, owned and operated by Mark Coxwell. The menu, which includes roast chicken, roast pork chops for dinner and roasted green tomatoes, offers everything you could wish for in a local restaurant. I'm not sure what to do. M is sure that the cuisine is the same as any local restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes, from chicken wings and fries to burgers and hot dogs. The menu includes a few shared plates and more, which are guaranteed to make your mouth water.

The Block Barrel Deli offers fresh sliced sandwiches that come with a variety of toppings and bread options. Italian mill loaded, but forget it, if you get one, you will surely go satisfied. If you prefer a more traditional sandwich, such as a cheese, tomato, lettuce and tomato sauce sandwich, then fill up on the sandwiches at Block Barrels Deli with the best of both worlds.

Chappy's serves a variety of New York-inspired sandwiches, including a chicken and cheese sandwich and a hot dog sandwich. If you want something like a barbecue burger, Pho Lee's is a break from the usual menu.

Acre specialises in southern cuisine and prides itself on using local ingredients - both home-made and home-grown - as well as local ingredients. There is also an emerging local chef in the form of a celebrated up-and-coming chef and restaurant owner. Opelika's first full service fine dining restaurant opened in 2013 and redefines the gourmet world - using many ingredients from local farms, local farmers and other local sources.

Sauce (also homemade here) is offered in a variety of flavors, from sweet and savory to spicy, spicy and sweet and even a little spicy.

The dough from which dagum bread is made is also used for the pizza crust and has the same saturating, tough consistency. The brick kiln gives the crust a beautiful char, with a slightly burnt base that gives a light, bitter taste to compensate for the richness of the cheese toppings. For the pizza I ordered a cheese pizza, which was topped with hash bread, hash bread and cheese, as well as a sausage and bacon. The sausage is cooked in the oven until the heat is well mixed with the hash and cheese.

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More About Opelika