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A new NCAA personnel law has put Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn and his staff in a quandary. Auburn has not yet signed a football player from nearby Opelika, Alabama, although it recently hired former Auburn offensive coordinator and special teams coordinator Chris Blackmon as an offensive analyst. In addition to coaching the Troys' ends and S-backs, he will also take on the role of special team coordinator in 2018.

He was named coach of the year for the Troys in 2012 and was assistant coach and special teams coordinator for the Troys from 2011 to 2013. He also served on the staff of former Auburn head coach Jimbo Fisher and former Alabama offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Mike Locksley.

The others were nominated for assistant coach of the year and special teams coordinator for the Troys in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

The others were nominated as assistant coach of the year and special teams coordinator for the Troys in 2012 and 2013. The others were nominated in 2013 as assistant coach, assistant offensive line coach and assistant defensive coordinator.

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These sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, men's and women's volleyball, and athletics. This sport includes football and basketball in Montgomery, Alabama; baseball in Tuscaloosa; football in Huntsville; and football in Mobile. These sports include basketball and baseball at the high school and college level; basketball at high schools; football at the college level.

The Opelika Band program is one of the oldest and most successful high school band programs in Alabama. The band program began in the 7th grade of Opalika Middle School and continues through the 12th grade of Operika High School.

A few minutes "drive from Opelika, Auburn University is the largest university institute in Alabama with more than 150 degree programs. Double enrollment is a way for students to earn a college degree and a university degree on the Opalika campus, which is located directly opposite the high schools.

The Opelika High School Marching Band is also known as the "Spirit of the South" because of its unique style of marching and musical performance.

The Joe Moore Award trophy, made by legendary sports sculptor Jerry McKenna, is the largest trophy in college football, weighing over 800 pounds and standing six feet tall. It will be made available to the winning university at the end of the following college football season. The award is named after JoeMoore, who is considered one of Alabama's greatest football coaches and a pioneer in football. He was a member of the Alabama Football and Opelika High School Marching Band coaching staff. After the 2004 season, he was named Alabama's assistant coach of the year for the second time in his career.

The Trojans finished the season ranked number one in the country in kick-off return yards per return, averaging 25.0 yards per return on kick-off. They finished fourth nationally in the kick return rankings, as Tyler Sumpter set a school record for the most kick returns in a season in school history, while coming in at ninth in the country with a 25-0 yards-per-kickoff return average. Troy was also ranked 17th in kick-off returns per yard, averaging just 17.85 yards per game, according to Football Outsiders. He played at Opelika High School for four years, first as a quarterback and then as an offensive lineman.

The Tide ranked second nationally in rushing touchdowns, scoring 185 yards per game on the rushing offensive, according to Football Outsiders. Alabama's offensive line didn't allow quarterback Mac Jones, as Jones led the nation in pass efficiency (87.5) and completion rate (67.8).

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